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Welcome to the atom-ion group in Florence!

We are the first ion-trapping group in Italy!

Our work focuses on studying quantum physics with the combination of two extremely powerful tools: small crystals of trapped ions and ultracold degenerate quantum gases. These tools, which have changed the way we study and explore quantum physics, have only recently been put together in a single experimental setup. Our goal is to advance this field and our understanding of the physics of out-of-equilibrium quantum systems by exploiting the properties of atoms and ions in a new generation experimental setup.

We are part of INRiM, the Italian metrological institute, and we are based at LENS, the European Laboratory for Nonlinear spectroscopy, in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. 

Our current work is generously funded with an ERC starting grant, and SIR and FARE grants from the Italian Research Ministry. Moreover, we are funded by Euramet through an EMPIR project of which we are part.

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We have open postdoc and Ph.D. positions.